Strategic Program & Policy Design

We will help you and your interdisciplinary team develop the optimal approach to wound management for successful outcomes.

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On Site Wound Rounds & 24/7 Support

We will accompany your team on wound rounds, developing approaches and choosing modalities that are best suited for the patient with their co-morbidities in order to produce optimal results.  We will develop and implement communication with the physician to keep them informed of their patients' progress.

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Education / Training

Proven results come with increased knowledge.  We will instruct your staff, allowing them to develop the skills needed to become an effective team.  Highly trained teams with professional execution yield Five Star Outcomes.

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Creating Optimal Wound Solutions


It takes leadership to create an integrated, action oriented, result obtaining team.  In our medical world today we cannot waste time or money wondering how to help our patients heal.  The specialists at Optimal Wound Solutions will work with you developing an approach to wound healing that is progressive and star achieving.

Through the use of hands on training, one on one demonstration and frequent involvement, we will take your wound program to the next level.  You will see outcomes such as prevention of re-admissions to the emergency department and the hospital; decreased dressing expense, decreased LOS, decreased infection rates among wound patients, increased patient satisfaction and increased wound referrals from satisfied physicians.

Optimal Wound Solutions is your answer to a progressive wound healing program.

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